Newsletter #3 Open Positions as of 2nd May

Jobs for AI Engineers, B2B Sales Professionals, Luxury Marketers

Artificial intelligence is a growing field with many exciting career opportunities. Here are some open positions in AI:

  1. AI Engineer: An AI Engineer is responsible for developing and implementing AI models and algorithms, working with large datasets, and using machine learning techniques to solve complex problems.

    Apply for Sr AI Software Engineer with KLA.

  2. Data Scientist: A Data Scientist works with large datasets to extract insights and make predictions using statistical and machine learning methods. They are responsible for developing models that can be used to make informed business decisions.

    Inspire 11 is hiring Data Scientist for Chicago.

  3. Machine Learning Engineer: A Machine Learning Engineer develops, tests, and deploys machine learning models in production. They work with large datasets and use software engineering skills to build scalable and efficient systems.

    Sienna is hiring Sr Machine Learning Engineer for Remote/Hybrid Role.

B2B Sales Opportunities

  1. APNA -Job board hiring B2B Enterprise Sales based out of Mumbai

  2. B2B Professionals needed for Jewelry Manufacturers- Both Domestic and International presence. Awesome Sparklers, Surat is hiring for both.

PRADA Luxury Brand

Prada is hiring Accounts Payable Professionals for Milan, Italy. Prada Group has below brands and operating in more than 45 countries.

  1. PRADA

  2. Miu Miu

  3. Church’s

  4. Car Shoe

  5. Pasticceria Marchesi

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