Unfilled Jobs | Newsletter #1

List of Jobs open for more than 30 days

For every job opening, it takes an average 21 days to close and onboard the candidate. Talent Skill Gap is a huge issue on a global scale. Irrespective of what AI tools or match making software available, the jobs are still open and goes unfilled.

In this twice a week newsletter, you will see the verified, curated list of jobs that are open for more than 30 days.


Mark Lash, Canada is hiring a Gemologist /Operational Person to manage the Retail Store.

Everything But the House EBTH is hiring a Gemologist who can accurately evaluate and grade diamonds, gemstones and jewelry using gemological tools and industry-standard forms of testing


Precious medicine Group, Indianapolis is hiring Sr Software Engineer.

ARSIEM Corp is hiring Future Technology Analyst for Omaha NE Location,

Precious Metals

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is looking to hire Director for Commodities trading, NY


Nationwide hiring for CAD designers across Mumbai, Surat, Chennai, Bangalore in India and Dubai regions.

There is a dearth of quality talent in B2B Jewelry/Wholesale skillset. Anyone looking for opportunities, contact here.

More to come.